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Characteristics and Applications of Water Glass Solution



Water glass or sodium silicate solution is a colorless or slightly blue-green liquid. It mainly comprises sodium silicate and water mixed in a particular proportion and has various characteristics.

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Characteristics of water glass solution

  1. Strong adhesion: The adhesion of water glass solution increases with the increase of density. If urea is added to water, its bonding ability can be improved without changing viscosity.
  2. Strong corrosion resistance: Water glass can resist the corrosion of various organic acids, inorganic acids, and corrosive gases and has good corrosion resistance.
  3. It has a certain degree of burns: Water glass has a specific burning effect on the eyes and skin, and safety should be considered when using it.
  4. It has multiple application areas: Water glass solution has many applications in architecture, ceramics, and glass.

Multiple Applications of Water Glass in the Construction Industry

  1. Heat-resistant concrete and heat-resistant mortar: Water glass can be used to prepare heat-resistant concrete and heat-resistant mortar, which can withstand a specific high temperature (below 1200 ℃) long after construction without reducing its strength.
  2. Acid-resistant adhesive, acid-resistant mortar, and acid-resistant concrete: Water glass can be used as a bonding material to prepare acid-resistant adhesive, acid-resistant mortar, and acid-resistant concrete, which are widely used in anti-corrosion engineering (acid storage tanks, acid washing tanks, acid resistant platforms, and acid resistant equipment).
  3. Grouting and plugging engineering: Water glass and calcium chloride solution are alternately injected into the soil, and the two solutions react chemically to precipitate silicate colloids, which play a role in filling and cementing soil voids, increasing the density and strength of the soil, and preventing water infiltration.
  4. Directly used as coating (or impregnation) material or coating raw material: Water glass and polyvinyl alcohol solution are often mixed in a ratio of 1:1 to 1:2 and then added with calcium carbonate powder, pigments, etc., to prepare building coatings. Frequently applied to the surface of clay bricks, silicate products, concrete structures, etc., can enhance the compactness and durability of the products. However, it cannot be used for painting or impregnating gypsum products; otherwise, it will cause damage to the products.
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The Application of Water Glass in Ceramic Manufacturing

  1. Water glass can be used as an additive in ceramic clay to improve ceramics’ hardness and heat resistance. In the process of ceramic production, to maintain the plasticity and formability of the mud, it is necessary to control the viscosity of the mud. Water glass can effectively accomplish this task by increasing the viscosity of the mud to enhance its fluidity and plasticity, making ceramic molding easier.
  2. Water glass can also be used as a demulsifier. Adding an appropriate amount of water glass to the mud can effectively reduce the viscosity of the mud, break and disperse the aggregates formed in the mud, and make the mud more stable.
  3. Water glass can also be used as a curing agent in ceramic production. After ceramic molding, water glass can form a hard surface, making the ceramic harder and more durable.
  4. Water glass can also be an adhesive to bond ceramic components. In ceramic production, it is necessary to use clay to make different components, such as lids, pot handles, etc., which need to be bonded together before firing. Using water glass for bonding can improve the bonding strength and reduce the residual adhesive, making the finished product more aesthetically pleasing.

The application of water glass in glass manufacturing

  1. Water glass can be used as a clarifying agent for glass. In the process of glass melting, adding an appropriate amount of water to glass can effectively remove bubbles and impurities and improve the glass’s transparency and quality.
  2. Water glass can also serve as an adhesive for glass. In the production process of glass products, it is necessary to bond glass sheets, tubes, and other components. Water glass can be used as an adhesive to bond glass sheets or tubes together, improving the strength and stability of products.
  3. Water glass can also be used as a surface treatment agent for glass. Coating a layer of water glass solution on the surface of the glass can form a rigid thin film, improving the wear and corrosion resistance of the glass.
(waterglass solution)


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