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Preparations for leveling machine operation


Preparations for leveling machine operation

1. Operators must be professionally trained, certified and properly use labour protection supplies.

2. In the leveling machine debugging, manual, automatic operation process, cooperate with the command, unified order, to ensure safety


3. Before leveling machine starting, we should carefully check whether all parts of the equipment are flexible, fasteners are firm and confirm all parts

After normal can produce.

4. Before the leveling machine operation, check whether there are objects hindering the operation of the machine near each part, especially remove the roller

Nearby objects.

5. After leveling machine starting, the operator's body shall not be close to each operating part, nor shall any other object be close to each

Operating parts to avoid machine and human accidents.

6. When the equipment is running, especially when feeding, it should pay attention to the operation of the sheet material at any time

Other abnormal circumstances, should immediately stop, cut off the power for inspection.

7. Keep the leveling machine equipment clean at all times. After use, wipe the roller, table, cover plate and cover shell

Oil, oil the roller hand surface, the chain every 30-50 working hours to prevent corrosion, so as not to affect the machine

The machine is in normal operation.

8. According to the thickness of the steel plate, adjust the amount of pressure down of the feeding roller and the hinge roller. The operator should adjust it in time.

Keep it normal.

9. After leveling machine work, the power must be cut off and the equipment must be wiped clean.

Leading manufacturer of leveler machine

Foshan Te Xiang Machinery Co., Ltd( a China leading manufacturer of metallic processing machines, including slitting line, cut to length line, stainless steel polishing line, ERW tube mill line, roll forming machines, embossing line and etc.

Leveler machines are the core equipment of strip and plate processing equipment, so TX has been dedicated to developing and producing high quality precision Leveler machines for strip, plate and mechanical parts. TX straightener can process various black and non-ferrous metal materials with thickness from 0.1mm to 25mm and width up to 2500mm.

Depending on the type and range of materials treated,TX can provide optimal solutions with appropriate diameter and number of rolls, roll spacing, speed, etc., with the aim of eliminating most defects such as coil group, crossbow, wave, edge and center buckle, sag, curvature, curvature, etc. Make the material achieve the highest accuracy of flatness.

If you have any questions about our leveler machine, welcome to send an email to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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