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Introduction to the principle of magnetic bead nucleic acid separation technology


Introduction to the principle of magnetic bead nucleic acid separation technology

Positively charged magnetic beads readily adsorb negatively charged nucleic acids and are primarily used for DNA and RNA extraction from human serum or plasma samples (eg, sample preparation for detection of HIV or HBV viral genomes from blood samples). Generally speaking, the sample is mixed with binding buffer and magnetic beads. After nucleic acid is combined with magnetic beads, after several washings and magnetic field capture, the eluted nucleic acid can be detected by PCR or other specific methods for specific DNA or RNA.

Magnetic separation is also widely used in the diagnostic industry, and can achieve high-throughput, automated nucleic acid extraction methods.

Different types of genetic testing involve nucleic acid extraction and purification steps. Among the methods of nucleic acid extraction and purification, both the liquid method and the spin column method involve the use of toxic organic substances, which have certain harm to the environment and experimental operators.

However, the magnetic bead method requires corresponding specially prepared magnetic bead buffer and specially modified magnetic beads. From the perspective of cost and operation, there are high costs and complicated operation steps. At the same time, it also limits the automation process and the promotion of applications. . Therefore, it is an urgent problem to develop a nucleic acid rapid release method that can rapidly release nucleic acid and has no effect on subsequent gene detection experiments.

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