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What is the difference between high-speed bearings and low-speed bearings?

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Low-speed rolling bearings are generally used, and high-speed sliding bearings are generally used. As the name suggests, there are balls in rolling bearings, spherical, cylindrical and conical. The sliding bearing is generally a bush. High- and low-speed bearings are difficult to distinguish by appearance, and common low-speed bearings are mostly and cheap, but there are many high-speed bearings used inside the machine.
High-speed bearings are generally used inside the machine and are lubricated with liquid bearing oil for cooling. If the bearing is not used in a car where there is little power for the high speed of the motor, the high-speed bearing can also be lubricated with solid bearing oil for cooling. Generally, high-speed bearings are used inside the engine transmission differential, and low-speed bearings are used in chassis such as axle shaft hub bearings.
If you must distinguish high and low speed bearings from the outside, you can look at the following two points:
1. High-speed bearings have higher accuracy than low-speed bearings, and its surface roughness is small. The intuitive difference is that the surface of the high-speed bearing is smoother than that of the low-speed bearing, and the gap between the shaking outer ring and the inner ring of the high-speed bearing is smaller, while the low-speed bearing is the opposite.
2. Compared with low-speed bearings, high-speed bearings have different ball or roller accuracy, and the accuracy of raceways is higher than that of low-speed bearings. High-speed bearings have high grades and good materials, such as the metallographic structure and hardness of steel. Wait.
General rolling bearings are suitable for low and medium speed rotation. If the use of rolling bearings requires special requirements for high-speed rotation, the model can be selected reasonably according to factors such as the load used.
If the speed is between 5 and 60 meters per second, it is not considered a high-speed bearing. As long as the general bearing can be lubricated, it can basically satisfy. If higher-speed bearings are used in some special occasions, such as high-speed rotating bearings used in high-speed cutting machine tools or precision machining and other machine tools, special bearings such as ceramic bearings, electric power, and magnetic bearings can also be used. Contact a professional manufacturer .
Whether it is low-speed or high-speed bearings, they are actually manufactured after careful design by designers and repeated inspections. Although its parts themselves are very small, their technological innovations and changes can often drive the development of an industry, and their role should not be underestimated. Therefore, if the equipment we use every day contains a bearing part, we must be careful not to damage it, otherwise it may cost a large amount of maintenance.

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