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What is an outer spherical ball bearing

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Outer spherical ball bearings, that is, outer spherical bearings. It belongs to deep groove ball bearings, the rolling elements inside are steel balls; the outer ring surface is spherical, so it is called outer spherical ball bearing. The outer spherical ball bearing is more convenient to use than the general deep groove ball bearing. Its characteristics are that it is simple to install and unload, and can be adjusted. The standard tolerance of the outer spherical ball bearing is: inner diameter is reduced, and the inner diameter is increased to ensure that it is matched with the shaft. Lightness; each set of outer spherical ball bearings is not used separately, it must be fitted into the integral installation inside the bearing housing, and the outer spherical bearing housing has various shapes, so it is suitable for use in a variety of structural positions after being integrated.Here is an introduction about flange bearings.
Outer spherical ball bearing with top thread, outer spherical ball bearing with taper, outer spherical ball bearing with eccentric sleeve.
Compared with other ordinary bearings, the outer spherical ball bearing has a double-layer seal, because the environmental conditions of the general outer spherical ball bearing are relatively harsh, especially for agricultural machinery bearings, and the double-layer seal ensures that dust cannot easily enter the channel. In the last two years, some companies have developed triple-lip seal outer spherical bearings to greatly strengthen the dust-proof ability and extend the service life of the bearings.

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