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How is the gear set on the shaft? Is it okay to add a needle bearing or sleeve between the gear and the shaft?

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The gear sleeve on the shaft generally requires the gear to idle, which is more common in automobile transmissions.
The three situations you mentioned above are allowed.
In terms of effect, putting a needle bearing between the shaft and the gear can reduce the friction coefficient between the gear and the shaft, and the wear between the gear inner hole and the shaft is small. However, if the quality of the needle roller bearings used is not good, it will directly affect the life of the transmission because of the loose bearing frame.
The second is to put a bush on the shaft and then assemble the gear or directly put a gear on the shaft. The bushing is mainly considered from the perspective of the structure and assembly of the shaft. The shaft is generally thick in the middle and tapers toward both sides or one side. The bushing is usually at the end of the shaft. Here the shaft is relatively thin, and designing the gears to be mounted on it will affect the strength of the shaft (generally this type of design is hollow or has a certain length of oil hole design in the shaft), so you need to add a bushing. This does not affect the assembly of the parts on the shaft, nor the bending strength of the shaft. The end of the shaft, which usually appears only with bushings, does not need to be added when there is enough space.
Matters needing attention: 1. If needle roller bearings are added, an oil groove design needs to be added to the small end surface of the gear so that the lubricating oil in the transmission can enter the needle roller bearings.
2. The design directly sleeved on the bush and the shaft must have a sufficient oil groove design on the contact surface of the gear and the shaft. In addition to the design of the oil groove on the end face of the gear, there is an oil hole design in the shaft, so that the oil can enter the contact surface of the gear and the shaft through the oil hole in the shaft, which has the effect of lubrication.
Generally speaking, the form you said is all possible, but it needs to have sufficient lubricating structure design.
If there is a reference, it is recommended to refer to other drawings.
If there is no suggestion to find industry professionals to help you design, the lubrication is insufficient, and the possibility of transmission failure due to sintered gears and shafts is extremely high.

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