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Factors affecting charging speed of bus charging station

wallpapers Tech 2021-04-15
Recently, electric buses have gradually taken the place of traditional gas-burning buses as a new form of mass transportation. When it comes to electric buses, an unavoidable topic is the charging of electric buses. Buses generally use charging station to charge, and buses, as mass transportation, need to run in large quantities. The charging speed should be guaranteed.
Influence of charging power of charging station
Since charging is an interactive behavior between a charging station and an electric bus, the charging station will also affect the speed of charging. The charging power output by different charging station is also different. In the case of a compatible battery, higher charging power can directly affect the charging speed. In short, the greater the output power of the charging station, the shorter the charging time, but at present, the charging station is divided into AC charging station and DC charging station. There is a statement of AC slow charging and DC fast charging in the industry.
Impact of bus charging machine
In the process of bus charging, there will be an onboard charger to participate in the current conversion process. Usually, the alternating current will be converted into direct current through the onboard charger and stored in the power battery as electric energy. Therefore, for the design of the bus on-board charger, its power needs to match with the AC output power. Using dc charging ways, by adopting different interfaces and communication charge, direct current (dc) as a direct store electrical energy in the power battery, without a car charger this, natural fast charging a lot, but in order to guarantee the battery life, avoid overcharge discharge, carmakers have to set up the vehicle power battery of battery management system.
Power load effect
Power load is also an influencing factor, especially in summer, when users around the charging station turn on high-power devices such as air conditioners, the transformer load reaches a peak, and the voltage will drop, which will affect the charging speed of the bus. At the same time, the number of buses, if the electric buses do not arrange the charging time, suddenly appear to need a lot of charging, which will also affect the charging speed. It is suggested that peak shifting charging can be implemented, which will not affect the operation of the bus, but also reduce the power load and save costs.

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