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What do you know about the high-quality bearing steel?

wallpapers Industry 2020-11-12
Although China's high-speed rail has swept the domestic and foreign markets, the core component "bearing" still relies on imports, but the high-speed rail bearing has never opened the way for domestic independence. High-end bearings rely on imports. Why can't we make them ourselves? This is a huge contrast to the high-speed rail that has already been achieved. Why is it so difficult to make breakthroughs in high-speed rail bearings?
Why is it so difficult to make breakthroughs in high-speed rail bearings
My country's high-speed rail has achieved a high degree of autonomy, with more than 97% achieved autonomy, but the localization of supporting bearings is still not achieved, which is a shortcoming of my country's high-end manufacturing. In fact, my country has been trying to break through the shortcomings, but high-speed trains have very strict requirements on supporting bearings, and the bearing accuracy is also very high during high-speed operation. If there is a slight accuracy problem, severe vibration may occur during operation.
In the past ten years, my country's high-speed rail bearings are mainly imported from Japanese companies such as SKF, NTN, and German FAG. Through comparison, we can find that the fundamental problem is the need for "high-performance materials" and "high-quality processing." Bearing steel, known as the "king of steel", is used as a material for making high-speed rail bearings and is one of the most stringent steel grades in high-speed rail smelting.
How to make high-quality bearing steel
A few years ago, bearing steel was monopolized by the world's bearing giants Timken of the United States and SKF of Sweden. They established a bearing steel smelting base in my country, using China's low-end steel materials, and using the core technology of smelting bearings that only they have mastered. Manufacture high-end bearings and sell them to the Chinese market at a high price, earning huge profits.
In the high-end bearings of these companies, we can find two basic problems, that is, "high-performance materials" and "high-quality processing." The material used to make high-speed rail bearings is bearing steel known as the "king of steel". It is one of the most demanding steel grades in high-speed rail smelting. However, how to forge bearing steel with "high purity" and "high uniformity" and control the oxygen content in the steel to a minimum has always been a difficult problem faced by steel companies in my country.

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