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Those Things that Foam Concrete Stabilizes

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Foam concrete can be said to be one of the biggest hot spots in today's green energy conservation and environmental protection. Under the energy-saving initiative of the country to vigorously eliminate clay bricks and reduce cement consumption, the foam concrete industry has ushered in its own spring. Foamed concrete requires a precise and precise process from the foaming of the cement to the enhancement of the late strength and the subsequent failure to mold. Foamed concrete foam stabilizer plays an important role in this series of the foaming process. A good foam stabilizer can improve the stability of the bubble and prolong the half-life of the foam.

The surface of the foam concrete foam stabilizer has high activity, which can effectively reduce the arrangement of liquid in the double electron layer on the surface of the liquid film to surround the air, form bubbles, and then consist of a single bubble. Foamed cement foam stabilizer is mainly used in foamed concrete series of foamed concrete, self-insulating block, lightweight partition board, and hydrogen peroxide foaming products. It can improve the strength of cement in the early stage and is an ideal special admixture...

So what form does the foam concrete foam stabilizer exist in the foaming process?

The foam stabilizer is micelle in foam concrete, has strong gel strength and high micelle content, can improve the viscosity of the slurry, and also enhance the strength of the concrete. It can inhibit lime digestion, degreasing (can remove the surface oil of aluminum powder, reduce lime consumption), and has strong dispersibility, which can uniformly disperse and suspend solid particles in the slurry. Reduce the difference in bulk density of the upper, middle and lower parts of the product, so that the pores are distributed

Uniformity, significantly improve the pore structure, reduce the upper and lower volume density difference of the product, make the pore distribution even, significantly improve the pore structure, reduce the string hole, improve the physical properties of the foam concrete, reduce the probability of collapse, and save costs. Foam concrete foam stabilizer meets the requirements of the national standard GB8076-1997 "Concrete admixture" standard.

Foamed concrete foam stabilizer can be applied to foamed cement lightweight partition board self-insulating block carbon-silicon board. It is currently the most widely used admixture in the foam concrete industry.

You still want to know what aspects of the foam stabilizer, come and discuss it!

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