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KOYO bearing rolling element impact control method

wallpapers Low Carbon 2020-08-27
The method of controlling the impact sound of KOYO bearings rolling elements is: appropriately reducing the radial clearance, using reasonable structure KOYO bearings and suitable material cages.
The second is the rolling sound of the rolling mill KOYO bearing and its control method. The rolling sound refers to the smooth and continuous sound produced by the rolling elements rolling on the raceway surface when the KOYO bearing is running. It is the unique basic sound that appears in all KOYO bearings. sound. The general azimuth sound is the raceway sound plus other sounds. The greater the rigidity of the bearing box, the lower the sound pressure level of the raceway sound. If the radial gap is too small, as the radial gap decreases, the sound pressure level and main frequency of the sound channel will increase sharply.
The way to control the sound of the raceway is to select low-noise bearings, that is, bearings with very low waviness, and carefully choose the conditions of use. The sound of the raceway usually affects the noise of the entire machine. Reducing the sound of the raceway can reduce the noise of the entire machine.
Finally, the rolling sound of the imported bearings of the rolling mill and its control method. Rolling sound is the violent metal friction sound that may occur in cylindrical roller bearings under any circumstances. Most of them appear in larger bearings that use grease lubrication, and base oils are more likely to occur during grease lubrication and hardly deteriorate grease. In addition, it is more likely to occur in winter.

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