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Sulfide Solubility Summary

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Hydrogen sulfuric acid can form normal salt and acid salt. The acid salt is easily soluble in water. In the normal salt, except for the sulfides of alkali metals (including NH4+) and BaS, which are easily soluble in water, alkaline earth metal sulfides are slightly soluble in water. (BeS is poorly soluble). Most of other sulfides are hardly soluble in water and have characteristic colors. Most metal sulfides are hardly soluble in water. From the structural point of view, the radius of S2- is relatively large, so the deformability is relatively large. When combined with heavy metal ions, due to the mutual polarization of the ions, the M—S bond in these metal sulfides becomes covalent, resulting in Such sulfides are hardly soluble in water. Obviously, the stronger the polarization of the metal ion, the lower its sulfide solubility.

Now take MS-type sulfide as an example, and discuss with the above classification situation.
(1) Sulfides that are insoluble in water but soluble in dilute hydrochloric acid. The reaction of such sulfides with dilute hydrochloric acid can effectively reduce the concentration of S2- and dissolve it. E.g:
ZnS + 2H+ → Zn2+ + H2S↑
(2) Insoluble in water and dilute hydrochloric acid, but soluble in sulfide of concentrated hydrochloric acid. The interaction of this type of sulfide with concentrated hydrochloric acid not only produces H2S gas, but also produces complexes, which reduces the concentration of metal ions. E.g:
PbS + 4HCl → H2[PbCl4] + H2S↑
Therefore, these metal sulfides do not exist in aqueous solutions. The preparation of these sulfides must use dry methods, such as the direct combination of metal aluminum powder and sulfur powder to form Al2S3.
Soluble sulfide can be used as a reducing agent to make sulfur dyes, depilatory agents, pesticides and tanned leather, and also to make phosphors.

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